Rogue Legacy


An action and adventure game where everybody is family


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Rogue Legacy is a game of action, platforms and adventure, in which we you assume the role of a knight who comes to a castle to 'cleanse it of evil'. On your journey you will come across lots of traps and baddies hoping to end your life... and they will succeed.

Legacy Rogue's signature, however, is that every time you die, you will assume the role of the son of the previous character that you were controlling. Each of these children will be completely unique, both in their attributes, skills and appearance. And of course, every time one dies, you start to control the next.

Following this mechanism, the goal is to try to get as far as possible every time you enter the castle, trying to earn as much money as possible to buy upgrades for your next go.

Rogue Legacy combines traditional permanent death typical of the genre, with a similar system to that of Castlevania, and delivers a unique gaming experience and a very, very enjoyable one.

The full version of the game includes more optons.

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